So just keep throwing dynamite until you defeat the boss. Have Indy jump onto the lift and ride it upward. Turn they key to move the conveyor across the lava. Jump over to the first small ledge and use the whip to grab the part. Have Indy jump over to the first wooden platform on the right. A mob of Thuggees rushes in and you must fight them. Was this guide helpful?

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The machine will explode and reveal a Treasure. Just punch the crap in your way to make it through to the final area.

Thuggee Slave Driver

Have Willie jump up retrieve the thuvgee Box of Stuff. Carry it onto the lift and pop it in the mailbox. Send a tiny character through the crawlspace.

Smash the crate on the right. Attach it to the green piece on the wall next to the cage lfgo pull it to open the cage and let the children out.

Now send Shorty through the crawlspace to give the boss’s helper a good whack. Repair the engine to obtain artifact piece 8.

thughee Dig up the first skull near the entrance. In this area you face the level Boss: You now control Indy and Willie. He also looks more like the character from the movie than the one that Indy fights in the finished game. This raises the wooden platform on the left. Treasure 9 [ edit ] Dig up the three skulls in the area for a Treasure.


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Climb up and dig at the glowing spot for another Panel. Please enable Javascript in your web browser in order to use the drop-down navigation menu. Drop it on the green plate on the left. Swing across the legl and smash the cage to free the slave child inside.

In the next room, smash the stack of boxes near the right wall to find an orange button. Now turn around and use Indy’s whip to snag the Object. Was this guide helpful?

Activate the Kali statue near the cage. Secret Character [ edit ] Jump off the ledge on the far right you’ll see handholds and follow the path to the right.

Princess Leia is waiting inside and she’s very happy to see you. Place the Object on the green pad manually and jump over to the platform on the right. The second is on the right, near where the mine cart tracks curve around toward the back of the area.


Several waves of Thuggees emerge from the high tunnel on the left. Take it to the nearby green panel and pull again to release the slaves.


It crashes through the wall, making an exit. Treasure 6 [ edit ] Pray in front of the Thuggee statue with the proper character for a Thugfee. When it explodes, the slave driver takes damage. Jump across the train car to reach him.

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The Slave Driver was very strong and almost didn’t get hurt at all by Indy’s punches. Use the handrail to cross the lava. After completing the level, the Thuggee Slave Driver can be bought in the library for thyggee, studs. The third is on the ledge in the foreground, beneath the rock crusher’s huge roller.